MGF Total Body Transformation

£45.00 £22.50

This comprehensive and informative plan operates on the principle that in order to achieve the most from your time at the gym, you must target more than one area of fitness with every session. By including cardiovascular machinery, resistance machines, free weights, bodyweight exercises and a wide variety of training methods inspired by the military, professional sportspeople and strict gym goers, your body will be constantly shocked resulting in:

1. Improved neuromuscular Utilisation
Meaning more dynamic and explosive muscles, faster response times and reduced fatigue.

2. Greater muscular Strength & Endurance
Meaning you can lift, push, pull, press and squat bigger and longer.

3. An increased level Of weight loss & fat mobilisation
Meaning your body will burn more fat, for longer and more efficiently in a shorter period of time.

4. Athleticism
Meaning you can have the lean, dynamic and powerful physique every gym user desires.

You will feel better, perform better, look better and see results very quickly. This plan requires access to a fully equipped gym.