My Inspirations – Boxers that inspire me:

1.) Muhammad Ali (Cassius Marcellus Clay) – Though I am not amongst those who dub him “The Greatest” boxer of all time, Ali is without doubt a man deserving of huge amounts of respect and admiration. His achievements in the ring were legendary, famed and globally known. His achievements outside of the ring are where I truly find the most inspiration. His work for the civil rights movement, for black Americans, for pacifism and for conscientious objectors to the Vietnam war showed that his courage, his heart and his determination set him above so many others. He used boxing as a platform to influence a nation, a generation and a world; and he had a chin made of absolute granite. His boxing was fast, agile and showed the world that heavyweights don’t have to be big muscle bound men, short stocky hookers or jab cross robots as we see so much in modern times.

2.) Marvin Hagler – A tremendous boxer with devastating power, in implacable mind set and tons of heart, Marvin Hagler stands out for me because he combines so well the characteristics required to become a true and lasting champion. Heart and courage, will power, a refusal to give up, incredible boxing ability, relentless focus and dedication to training, bounce back ability and the equaliser (that one big shot that can save it all). Hagler suffered 3 losses in his career, 2 of which he avenged and one of which led him to retire due to his perception that he had been robbed (Sugar Ray Leonard). He had two draws, one of which he avenged, and another which was so clearly a robbery, it left many stunned. He is the living embodiment of what a champion should be.

3.) Bernard Hopkins – A fighter under rated by many, but never by those with true boxing knowledge; Hopkins boxed at an incredibly high level until his recent undoing against a young champion many said would have been unfit to lace his boots 10 years earlier. He is the oldest world champion in boxing history, boxed at various weight categories and embodies the phrase “living the life of an athlete”. His impeccable diet, rest, training and flexibility routine is unmatched by many and his focus, dedication and motivation to train are the envy of thousands of fighters and spectators alike. He had an extremely challenging upbringing, spending time in prison and turned his world around. He inspires me because he proves that with enough hard work, you can achieve your dreams.

4.) Floyd Mayweather – Whether you love him, hate him or disregard him entirely, one thing is certain, Floyd Mayweather was the highest paid, most powerful and most sought after sports person on the planet for a very long time. His early career was impressive, but the true change came when he met Al Haymon and developed a new persona hat would catapult him to the forefront of the PPV rankings. Personally, I absolutely love his boxing style but can understand why many would not, my admiration for him and what inspires me about him is threefold; his incredible work ethic, absolute determination to succeed and gain victory, and his intelligence and business acumen that enabled him to use his fame and profile to set himself (and his family) up for life.

My Inspirations – People in fitness that inspire me:

1.) Arnold Schwarzenegger – Though for many, a contentious choice because of the steroid rumours surrounding him, the incontrovertible fact is that Arnie made himself into something incredible. His bodybuilding took him to a physique beyond the wildest dreams of many others, his willingness to take every opportunity coming to him turned him into a global movie star. His charisma and attitude turned him into a US governor. What more can a man do? He continuously trains and maintains a great physique, he has an active role in politics, in world bodybuilding, in strongman, in health and fitness, in magazine contributions and editing and even makes cameos in movies to this day. That is a wonderful example of career longevity and exactly the reason he inspires me.

2.) Dwayne Johnson – Through various struggles with injury, depression and other life obstacles, “The Rock” has turned himself into Hollywood’s highest paid actor, a global superstar, a show business phenomenon, a wrestling hall of famer and a bodybuilding inspiration. In spite of an incredibly busy schedule, he maintains his ripped physique with regular early morning training sessions, late night training sessions, a well managed diet and a whole lot of focus and determination. He has also shown himself to be a kind, caring and somewhat philanthropic man with his attitude toward young people, those with disabilities and people with challenging backgrounds. He inspires me in a business sense, an athletic sense and purely by his strength of character and charisma.

3.) Frank Zane – His place on the list is simple for me. Zane was a three time Mr.Olympia, with what many consider as the greatest and most well-balanced physique in bodybuilding history. His muscle proportion, symmetry and definition is exceptional. It follows therefore that his work ethic, dedication and focus were equally as high level. He inspires me because he looks incredible. He overcame many injuries and changed his training methods multiple times to ensure he was reaching his goals and recovering properly; a true icon.

My Inspirations – People in business that inspire me:

1.) Gary Vaynerchuk – a ‘YouTube’ sensation, business tycoon, sporting enthusiast and motivational speaker, Gary inspires me because he says things exactly as they are, isn’t afraid to speak his mind, is brutally honest and because he has such a great understanding of social media and the impact it has on business in this modern environment. His videos are short, to the point and helpful when you need a little pick me up. He helps young people, business start-ups and speaks at huge seminars and conferences on a number of business and motivational issues. I learned from him that if you really want it, you’ll be prepared to put the hours in, do whatever it takes and work your proverbial butt off to achieve your dreams.

2.) Eric Thomas – “The Hip Hop Preacher” coined the now widely known phrase ‘when you want it as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful’. He is a motivational speaker who had a challenging background and, again, uses the medium of ‘YouTube’ to spread his message. He is motivational in a sporting sense, a business sense and on a personal level. His videos cover a range of topics and his channel is well worth checking out.

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