My Diary – ProBox

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these “diary” blogs discussing what’s new with me, with the gym and with the website; sorry for that. Glad to say that in spite of the lack of personal communication i have managed to compile some great new articles/blogs on the website about some great topics and i am busier than ever with PT and classes at my gym in Odiham and at the Aquadrome Gym in Basingstoke. So i guess the question you all want answered is what’s new? ProBox 4 week training courses are my new endeavour. It’s 4 intense weeks of training 4 times a week for between 30 minutes and an hour with me. That training includes:

  • Technical Boxing Drills
  • Pad Work
  • Bag Work
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Strength + Conditioning
  • High Intensity Intervals + Circuits
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Plan

My first course will be running through September and, due to the focus being on quality of training and maximum potential guidance and instruction, i am limiting numbers to only 6 people. This will ensure each person receives the 1-1 attention that ensures they advance with their skills, fitness and strength. The great thing about the “ProBox” idea is that the training will be varied and all encompassing, ensuring you are improving all aspects of your physical fitness as well as learning new boxing skills or enhancing already existing technique.

My Diary – ProBox

My aim with this course is twofold. I hope to give people the opportunity to train out of work hours (as the course will run early mornings and late evenings for the four weeks). Secondly, i want to give people the chance to train hard, learn a new skill and have an awful lot of fun all at the same time. With the right group of people i hope to encourage camaraderie, group spirit and a real positive energy around the sessions that will hopefully translate into even greater results.

I’m keeping it short and sweet with this article as it’s a relatively limited subject but it’s nice to keep everybody updated with what’s new at MGF. If you’re interested in the course and would like some more information, just let me know. It’s first come, first served on the 6 places so if you want in, you’ll have to be quick!