Losing Weight – Simplified


This blog is going to be concise, honest and simple to understand. If you aren’t ready for complete honesty and a pragmatic and dedicated, long-term approach to weight loss then don’t bother reading any further. I mean it, there’s going to be zero bulls*^t in the following paragraphs and I know a lot of people won’t be ready to face the truth of how simple their weight loss journey can be. If you don’t think you’re ready to hear that reality then i’d click over onto a less honest website that will tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need; the truth.

Good choice, you’re still reading… in that case, let’s get in to the facts.

Losing Weight – Simplified


Losing weight, although simple, is a laborious and time-consuming process. The dedication and persistence required is by far the biggest challenge to any and all that start the journey. Don’t expect anything to happen in the first month – that’s not to say it won’t happen but expect nothing and then each weight loss will be a bonus. The real journey starts after that first month is over and the difficulties kick in. It’s at that point that the losses may be smaller (or even non-existent at times), motivation decreases and distractions pop up. That’s when the real progress is made. If you can stay on track through that second month and the few that follow then you will have made healthy living a habit – that’s when your life changes for the better. The other benefit of losing weight over time is that your skin remains tighter resulting in less excess and baggy skin folds which can so often cause “drastic” weight losers problems.

Losing Weight – Simplified


What a load of absolute s*^t. Its 100% Calorie Deficit – which means it’s 50% diet and 50% exercise. The reality, although never easy, is very simple. Just ensure that every single day you burn (use) more calories than you take in. For a dramatic and speedy weight loss the calorie deficit needs to be larger, for a steady and healthier weight loss the calorie deficit should be minimal but consistent. My professional advice would be to select the latter option as, long-term, it’s better for your health, well-being and appearance (since it results in less skin sagging and skin folds that are often left because of dramatic weight loss over a short period of time).

Losing Weight – Simplified


The easiest part of the article to write is also the most widely contradictory and confused topic on the internet – diet. My advice is incredibly simple, sustainable, inexpensive and easy to follow. Eat the most nutrient rich foods possible within your allotted calorie allowance for the day. If you burn 2500 calories per day and are eating 2000 calories per day, then ensure that those calories are made up of the most nutrient dense foods available – fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses, meat, poultry and fish. Avoid calories consumed in fluid (such as sports drinks, protein shakes, fizzy drinks or tea/coffee) by drinking water and solely water whenever and wherever possible. Don’t berate yourself if you have one bad meal, just balance it out. Although it seems strict and hard to follow these kind of diets, it’s actually far simpler because there’s no confusion and no excuses. When you go off track and eat the wrong foods you simply exercise more to balance that out.

Losing Weight – Simplified


The variety of exercise is absolutely irrelevant as long as it burns the required amount of calories and you enjoy taking part in it. Exercise is often the most tricky part of losing weight as it can be so time consuming but, actually, there are so many great sources of workouts, training plans, gym routines and manuals that there’s really no excuse in the modern day for not being able to find a workout that fits with your time schedule. Whether it’s 2 hours of heavy weights in the gym, a 30-45 minute jog, 15 minutes of intense HIIT training or a sport of your choice, any and all exercise is good exercise and the more you do, the more calories you burn. If you are specifically looking to change your body type or body shape then a small amount of research or guidance may be required in order to maximise the effectiveness of those workouts whatever they may be.

Losing Weight – Simplified


The most frustrating thing to hear as a trainer is “i don’t want to start for a few weeks as i want to get myself fitter first” or “can i book in for a Monday as i always do better if it’s at the start of the week”. Guess what happens when Monday comes around? You don’t bother attending, you make excuses or you’re no more motivated than you were 3 days before. The truth of losing weight is that absolutely any time and any day is a good time and day to start. Whether it’s half way through a day in which you’ve already eaten your body weight in chocolate or it’s midnight and you feel the urge to get up and do some sit ups. Any time is a good time to start caring about you weight; and as a by product of that, your own health and well-being. Don’t wait for Monday, don’t want to feel a bit fitter and don’t wait until the new day starts. Make the changes that are required to lose weight RIGHT NOW – i can promise you that, in the long run, you’ll be thankful you didn’t wait.

Losing Weight – Simplified


This is a statement that is both absolutely incorrect and completely correct simultaneously. Losing weight is so simple it’s ridiculous. The health and fitness industries are multi billion dollar industries that are solely reliant on you believing it’s hard and selling you products, information and, in general, lies to trap you on unsustainable nutrition programs or in to 12 month gym memberships at which point you inevitably fail because you didn’t understand the REAL REASON losing weight is hard. It isn’t a complex process, it isn’t a complex science. Losing weight is hard because it requires hard work; plain and simple. If you are willing to work hard over a prolonged period with focus and dedication alongside healthy calorie consumption that is less than the calories you burn on a daily basis then you cannot fail.

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