Improving your chances of success

The internet is covered with motivational content talking about the value of persistence in pursuit of your goals; hard work and dedication, setting targets, managing your time frames, maintaining positive thinking and the strength of the law of attraction. However, very few of these videos, podcasts or vlogs discuss the fact that no single one of these factors will work on their own.

You cannot just have a positive attitude but lack the work ethic or drive to invest that attitude wisely. You cannot rely on the law of attraction but skip the action. The value of hard work is diminished if it isn’t correctly directed; hard work for the sake of working hard achieves nothing. If you look at hugely successful people in business, sport and the arts they generally share a singularity of purpose that keeps their mind concentrating on one goal – success in their chosen field.

The hard work, persistence and focus are all simultaneously directed towards the realisation of intelligently structured and strategised goals that build progressively towards the point of success. Although the positive attitude drives these people to push forward constantly, they also understand that failure must be accounted for, responsibility accepted and solutions developed in order to avoid unnecessary delays and setbacks. That constant focus manifests itself into a magnetic aura (the law of attraction) and what you dream becomes your reality because subconsciously you make it so.

Another major constraint on people pursuing success is that they don’t believe they are capable of achieving their goals, have the skill to achieve their goals or that they are afraid of trying something bold or risky for fear of being judged by their peers, friends or family. That lack of faith in yourself, low self-confidence and poor self-esteem can be the difference between you taking the leap of faith that’s always required and you teetering on the cliff edge inches from the realisation of your dreams and stepping back, afraid to commit for risk of failure.

In 1983, 61 year old Cliff Young, an Australian potato farmer, won the inaugural Westfield Sydney to Melbourne ultra marathon, a distance of 875 kilometres (544 miles). Mr. Young turned up on the day in overalls and his work boots and without his dentures which he later claimed rattled when he ran. Looked over as a competitor with minimal experience and very little support, he ran at a slow and loping pace, trailing the pack by a huge margin at the end of the first day’s running. While the other competitors stopped to sleep, Young kept running. He ran continuously for five whole days, taking the lead during the first night and eventually winning by an enormous margin of 10 hours.

Cliff Young is the perfect example of bucking the trend, ignoring the naysayers and believing in yourself when others doubt you enables you to achieve things that those same people never believed could be – overcoming popular opinion, conventional patterns and regular tradition.Whilst the other runners rested overnight, Cliff, knowing no better, ran on and broke the record for the event. Incredible stuff, right? Well that analogy can be applied to whatever goal you have in mind.

Give it 100% effort, 100% of the time. Be smart with regards to how you pursue your goals. Have unshakeable faith in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. Be prepared to make sacrifices in order to do the things that most are unwilling to do. Combine your positivity with responsible realism and, more importantly, do all of these things at once! That’s where the real challenge comes – put your energy into giving yourself the greatest possible chance of success.

Improving your chances of success – the rules:

  • Don’t work hard for the sake of working hard. Ensure everything you are doing is increasing the likelihood of you achieving your goals. Cut away the waste and procrastination.
  • Maximum focus, persistence and a positive attitude combine to create the law of attraction – make success your goal and frame your effort around that target.
  • Ignore trolls, naysayers, disbelievers and buck the trend. Just because something hasn’t been done before does not mean you can’t achieve it.
  • Temper that with a realistic and honest approach to what you can do with smart goal setting and intelligent time frames that will increase your motivation by creating consistent successes.
  • Be prepared to make sacrifices. Success doesn’t ever come easy to those who started from nothing. Be prepared to spend days, weeks, months and years in pursuit of your version of success.
  • The law of attraction requires action. Thinking and not doing is a fast way to fall short and lose motivation. Get started towards achieving your goals as soon as you possibly can. Time wasted is time you can’t get back.
  • Every journey will be winding and challenging with obstacles and setbacks – prepare for these, accept that they will happen and always do your best to overcome them in the best possible way as soon as possible. Sulking and complaining achieves nothing.


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