The HIIT Revolution

What is HIIT?

The greatest shortcut when thinking of losing weight is HIIT Training (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT involves stop-Start, incredibly high effort intervals with short rest periods which are massively effective for fat burning and improving fitness whilst simultaneously sculpting lean and defined muscles.

The HIIT Revolution – The origins of HIIT:

Tabata is the original hyper-intense version of HIIT training which was specially developed from a study in 1996 by Professor Izumi Tabata. His original study was performed on Olympic Speed skaters. Tabata is now used heavily throughout the international military community and elite athletes worldwide. The study used 20 seconds of ultra-intense exercise (at an intensity level of approximately 170% of VO2 max) followed by 10 second of rest, repeated continuously for 8 cycles (4 minutes). A study of 2 different training groups in which the first group used Tabata 4 times per week and the second group used steady state training (70% VO2 max) 5 times a week showed that although the steady state group saw a level of improvement to VO2 max, the Tabata group started lower and gained far more overall. The Tabata group also saw improvements in Anaerobic Fitness, whereas the steady state group so only aerobic improvement.

In theory, Tabata training should be performed with the same exercise throughout the 8 cycles lasting 4 minutes. Therefore, if you chose Burpees as your starting exercise, for example, you would perform Burpee at 100% effort for 20 seconds, take a 10 second rest, then repeat for 8 cycles. That’s a large part of what makes true Tabata training so difficult; performing the same exercise for 2 minutes and 40 seconds of a 4 minute set at maximum effort. If you aren’t completely empty after those 4 minutes, then you simply didn’t give it enough effort.

Although the original premise of Tabata training is to use the same exercise, you can have an equally as effective workout using various exercises and also adaptations of he intensity and/or time of each cycle. Although, technically, you aren’t necessarily following the Tabata method, making these adaptations can be effective in involving more muscle groups, targeting specific goals and working harder. Tabata is a fantastic way of improving your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, burning a huge amount of calories, improving athletic performance, improving glucose metabolism and acting as a catalyst for increases in fat burning.

The HIIT Revolution – Modern HIIT:

HIIT has been gaining in popularity over the last 10 years as more and more trainers have realised how quickly their clients will see the benefits. Over the last few years The BodyCoach ( has revolutionised HIIT sessions with his globally successful and globally recorded HIIT workouts at various locations released via youtube and instagram. He has taken HIIT into homes and given people a chance to control and adapt their own training to suit their lifestyle.

The great thing about HIIT is that it enables people to burn the same amount of fat as they would with long continuous cardio, in a shorter and more intense workout. It also develops greater muscularity including tone and definition alongside improving dynamic explosiveness of the muscles; this results in greater functional strength for day to day activities as well as general strength and endurance increases.


7 minute HIIT Circuits

It’s always challenging to fit a good workout into your busy day to day schedule. Often, squeezing a lengthy training session in between work, family, social and health requirements (such as a good night sleep) is near on impossible. Getting to the gym, getting changed, finding the right machinery and busting a gut on the cardio trainers, then getting changed again and heading back home is never easy after a long day and, for many people, is simply not viable.

 That’s where 7 minute HIIT Circuits comes into it. Short, effective and fat shredding workouts at maximum intensity designed to be squeezed into those 10 minute gaps you find in your day. One a day, two a day or just whenever you can, these workouts are big calorie burners, are incredibly time efficient and can be performed at home or in whatever space you have free.

7 minute HIIT Circuits are structured in 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest for 14 sets through (7 minutes exactly). Each of the exercises are compound movements (using multiple muscle groups) and will therefore result in a greater fat burn, metabolism boost and calorie usage. These circuits will target multiple aspects of your fitness including muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness (aerobic and anaerobic) and muscular strength.

7 minute HIIT Circuits:

Number 1.)
20 seconds High Knees – 10 seconds rest
repeat 6 times
20 seconds Burpees – 10 seconds rest
repeat 8 times

Number 2.)
20 seconds Mountain Climbers – 10 seconds rest
repeat 6 times
20 seconds Star Jumps – 10 seconds rest
repeat 8 times

Number 3.)
20 seconds Spiderman Plank – 10 seconds rest
repeat 6 times
20 seconds Squat Jumps – 10 seconds rest
repeat 8 times

Number 4.)
20 seconds Squat Jumps – 10 seconds rest
repeat 6 times
20 seconds Jumping Lunges – 10 seconds rest
repeat 8 times

Number 5.)
20 seconds Walking Plank – 10 seconds rest
repeat 6 times
20 seconds Jumping Jacks – 10 seconds rest
repeat 8 times

Number 6.)
20 seconds Spotted Dogs – 10 seconds rest
repeat 6 times
20 seconds Side Lunges – 10 seconds rest
repeat 8 times

Remember never to exceed the 20 seconds of active time or the 10 seconds of rest. For the 20 seconds of activity, ensure you are giving it 100% effort as hard and fast as you can perform each exercise. Strict focus on form and technique is essential for reducing the risk of injury and maximising the effectiveness of the exercises.

Make sure the area you are training in is safe, obstruction free and there is room for you to move in the way your exercises require. Don’t forget to remain well hydrated and if you have any additional time, after each of the 7 minute HIIT circuits, try to stretch out the major muscle groups you have been using most.

For an additional boost to your workout, finish each circuit with one set through of this routine:

20 Full Sit Ups
20 Leg Raises
20 Press Ups
20 Squats
20 Alternating Lunges

Remember: it is important to consult a medical professional before undertaking any new exercise routine, or changing your day to day activity to ensure you are medically cleared and aren’t putting yourself at any risk.

Stretching: The MGF flexibility routine is available on my youtube channel here (


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