Cayenne & Chilli – Health Benefits

Cayenne and Chilli are hot peppers renowned for their spicy, fiery flavour. They have a massive variety of health benefits and can be consumed as food, in tablets, as extracts or applied as ointment to the skin (avoid contact to eyes or open wounds). Whether you are seeking a healthy and nutritious metabolism boost, additional food flavour, pain relief or just a general boost to your well being then Cayenne and Chilli could be exactly what you need.

Typical Forms:

  • Capsules
  • Fresh or Dried Herb
  • Ointment/Paste
  • Tablet
  • Tincture/Liquid

Cayenne & Chilli – Health Benefits – Major Health Benefits as:


  1. When applied to the skin it has been shown to offer relief from the pain of Athritis.
  2. Can relieve pain in people suffering from shingles, post-operative pain or nerve damage caused by diabetes.
  3. Warms muscles (Can irritate sensitive skin so please be cautious not to over apply).


  1. Filled with a multitude of Vitamins and Minerals including the immune booster Vitamin C (Chilli contains up to seven times the vitamin C level of an orange), Vitamin B6 and  Vitamin A, as well as essential minerals such as Iron, Copper and Potassium.
  2. Can potentially ease digestive pain and relieve flatulence or pain caused by stomach ulcers.
  3. Is an essential ingredient of many “metabolism boosting” tablets and supplements due to its potent fat burning properties and it’s ability to encourage the thermo-metabolisation of fats.

In General:

  1. Has been suggested that it can lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure and can improve blood circulation in general (thus lowering heart disease risk).
  2. When consumed in liquid form can potentially ease symptoms of cold and flu.

Cayenne & Chilli – Health Benefits – Interesting Facts:

  1. Chillies have a higher Vitamin C content than citrus fruits (such as oranges) but are usually consumed in such small volumes that they have a minimal effect.
  2. Peppers were widely grown in South & Central America in Pre-Columbian times. Cayenne is said to have originated in the Cayenne region of French Guiana.
  3. Cayenne, chillies and peppers are used as a spice or food across the globe and play a large part in flavouring foods from India, Mexico, The Mediterranean and South America.

Source – Readers Digest Guide To Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements (Page 68-69)

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