Welcome to Matt Goddard Fitness; the online centre for fitness excellence.

Welcome to Matt Goddard Fitness; the online centre for fitness excellence. Total fitness refers to a person’s emotional, social, spiritual, mental, nutritional and medical well-being as well as referring to the more obvious physical capabilities that a ‘fit’ person may possess. At Matt Goddard Fitness, we aim to help everybody work towards improving their own physical, nutritional and spiritual well-being through education, improved knowledge and a progressive development of physical activity. With an extensive range of free material. helpful information and fantastic products, we hope everybody can gain something helpful from every visit to our website.


This website is NOT a regular fitness website. Yes, we have a store with a variety of fantastic products, but our MAIN AIM is to help people improve their health and fitness in the best way possible for them.


Fitness means different things to different people. Everybody who begins an exercise programme starts that programme with different intentions, goals and preferences. To each person, fitness means the achievement of the goals they set and the ability to perform day to day actions without difficulty or problems.

Fitness is not just a physical concept. Fitness encompasses the mind, body and spirit and here at Matt Goddard Fitness, we aim to help each part of your ‘fitness’ as much as possible; whether that be through comprehensive nutritional plans, detailed, personally tailored workout plans, general advice, tips and motivation or a combination of all of these things.

At Matt Goddard Fitness, we aim for 3 things from every session we do or programme we design:
 The customer to be happy, content and motivated.
2. The sessions to offer variety, excitement and alot of challenges.
3. To provide a service second to none that goes above and beyond every customers expectations.


At Matt Goddard Fitness, we aim to achieve something more than just profit or growth; we aim to create a company that helps EVERYBODY achieve their goals whether that be via free videos, free advice, special offers and discounts or some of our great products or equally fantastic fitness sessions.

As a relatively new company, we understand that the service offered by gym chains and fitness chains is simplyNOT GOOD ENOUGH. People want to be able to exercise safely, with detailed care and the support of somebody who knows what they’re doing and that requirement is not being met. We will always give you 100% effort, 100% support and aim to operate at a level above and beyond your expectations.

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