Why is core strength and stability so important? For a number of reasons, core stability exercises are essential in every workout.

– They improve your ability to stabilise your spine during exercise.

– Work your visible abdominal muscles to give you that elusive 6-pack.

– They strengthen your core; improving your ability to perform big lifts.

– Support spine during every day activity to prevent and reduce back pain.

– Reduce risk of back deformity in elder years (Hyper-Kyphosis & Hyper-Lordosis).

– If performing rotational exercises, all core muscles are used resulting in improved partnership between abdominals, lower back and hips.

– They look better, make you feel stronger, make you feel slimmer, and give you confidence with or without a top on.

Don’t neglect core stability exercises!

5 Examples of Core Stability exercises are as follows:

1. The Plank

2. Bent Knee Sit Ups

3. Straight Leg Sit Ups

4. Side Plank

5. Trunk Curls