Fat Fighting Tips:

– Eat 5-6 small meals per day as opposed to 2-3 big meals.

– Chew your food more for easier, improved digestion.

– Add lemon juice to water, tea, yoghurt and salads to help break down lipids.

– Add vinegar to fatty foods. This has the potential to reduce body fat storage by up to 10%.

– Snack a lot on blueberries as they can reduce Chylomicrons by 73%.

– Switch from white sugar to brown sugar.

– 43% of daily calories should be carbohydrates (of which, most should be complex carbs), this percentage diet can reduce body fat by up to 11%.

– Sleep more, 8 hours of sleep results in the release of less hunger hormones.

– Eat a high protein, low carbohydrate, light calorie, calcium rich diet to optimise metabolism, burn fats and improve recovery.

– Casein proteins are preferable to whey proteins because it can be digested more slowly.

– Record your progress as often as possible.

– Exercise outside more often; possibility of a 30% increase in calorie burn.

– Concentrate on complex carbohydrates; brown rice, wholemeal pasta and lentils are great examples