It is a true fact that the direct link between mind and body greatly affects our ability to endure physical activity, strenuous exercise and, ultimately, pain. Hitting the proverbial wall is a problem that plagues fitness beginners and elite athletes alike; the important thing about the point when you reach the wall, is planning immediately how to overcome it. By becoming demotivated, you weaken your mind and spirit and as a result, your body feels every painful movement. When you feel the wall infront of you, you must reach deep inside of yourself and charge headfirst into it.

There is no barrier that cannot be overcome. With hard work, dedication and a steely spirit, you can work through anything. Believe in yourself and believe in the power of your spirit to pull you through any set backs.

The belief that you, as an individual, cannot achieve something will inevitably prevent you from doing so. Only by having an unbending belief in your own strength, your own spirit, your own power, can you achieve the goals you set yourself.

Set your self no boundaries; and you have no boundaries.
Set yourself no limits; and you cannot be limited.
Believe in your spirit; and your spirit will be strong.
Tell yourself you feel no pain; and you will feel no pain.

Be prepared to fight to achieve the things you want. Fitness is not impossible for anybody; but it is hard for everybody.