Professional Boxing – Exposed

Boxing. It’s a beautiful sport. The combination of skill, fitness and pure bravery creating a historically huge spectacle that has kept viewers entranced for decades. Men and women at the absolute peak of their physical fitness having trained for 8-12 weeks for...
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7 minute HIIT Circuits

7 minute HIIT Circuits It’s always challenging to fit a good workout into your busy day to day schedule. Often, squeezing a lengthy training session in between work, family, social and health requirements (such as a good night sleep) is near on impossible....
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Functional Muscle Strength

Functional Muscle Strength – The New Key To Health and Wellness In recent years, the world has been over whelmed with fitness trends, concepts and ideas. The general public are repeatedly hit with new “facts”, information and science on a daily basis...
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Shadow Boxing Technique + Routine

Boxing is an excellent form of cardiovascular fitness, great for developing toned and lean muscles, fantastic for improving mobility and agility, and alongside this, can also give you a big confidence boost. The bread and butter of any good boxing workout is a hefty...
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Gluten and Being Gluten-Free

What Is Gluten? Gluten is a protein composite found in Wheat, Rye and Barley that helps coagulate and elasticise foods and dough. Eating a Gluten-free diet involves avoidance or reduction of these foods as well as other foods which contain added Gluten. What Is Celiac...
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Building Your Leg Muscles

Leg Muscles: Developing Your Legs: Probably the hardest group of muscles to develop in your body without consistent, challenging and progressive training routines. The legs are your foundation, the beginning of nearly all explosive movements, and all that stands...
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